With zero carbon emissions and indigenous folk, Brasília’s pride march gathered 100 thousand people

24 parada do orgulho lgbts de brasília 2023
The Brasilia’s march is the third oldest pride in Brazil. Photo: Bruno Lemos

The Sunday, July 9th, was the day of the Brasília’s pride march. And not only that, the 24th Brasília’s LGBTS Pride March was the first and only pride march in Latin America to have zero carbon footprint, be open by a group made exclusively of Indigenous LGBTQ folks and also have a group of solely formed by LGBT refugees.

The march that started in front of the National Congress, had more than 100 thousand participants, accordingly to the collective organization Pride Brasília

The march paid homage to the playwriter, author ans journalist Alexandrr Ribondi, one of the people responsible for the creation of the gay activist group Beijo Livre (Freed Kiss), in 1979 the first of it’s kind in the Federal District and pioneer in Brazil.

2023 parada do orgulho LGBTS de Brasília Foto: Bruno Lemos

With a special designated area for people with disabilities and brazilian sign language interpreters, the event had speechs from local figures like the federal deputy Érika Kokai (PT), the jornalist Jean Wyllys and the distrital deputy and out gay Fábio Felix (Psol)

The Brasília’s March is the third oldest pride march in Brazil. It has been happening since 1998. Brazil currently has 275 pride marchs.

The march ended the festival that had started on June’s 24th and counted with a total of 19 different activities. Among them, Pride Taste, the first LGBT gastronomic tour of the country. Thirteen bars, restaurants and cafes of the capital made drinks and courses with the LGBT rainbow colors.

2023 24 parada do orgulho LGBTS de Brasília foto: Bruno Lemos

There was also the Mercado Borboleta (Butterfly Market), with LGBT exhibitors selling products such as chocolats, clothing itens and food. The Rainbow Podium, sportive event, gathered 17 teams and 144 athletes.

The Brasília’s Pride festival is the biggest LGBT centered festival in Brazil.

parada do orgulho lgbts de brasília 2023

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